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Slovensko ljudsko gledališče Celje (Celje City Theatre) is the only professional and repertory theatre in the Savinja-Šaleško region of central Slovenia. It was founded on 6 December 1950 with the Celje Town Council's Act on the Foundation of the Celje municipal theatre.

Today, SLG Celje houses two theatre spaces: the Main auditorium with a large stage, and a smaller studio space called Mali oder with small stage. The Main auditorium sits 360 people, which makes it, due to the size of its stage (its stage width amounts to 11.8 metres, and its stage depth to 11.6 metres) one of the largest auditoria in Slovenia. Mali oder with small stage sits 70 people (its stage width amounts to 4,95 m, and its stage depth to 6,00 m).

SLG Celje has always been proud to attract most accomplished Slovenian actors, directors and other theatre professionals to produce contemporary theatre of the highest quality. The company's artistic section includes a 21-member ensemble of professionally trained actors, an in-house director, a dramaturg, a voice coach, and the artistic director who is also in charge of the repertoire. Members of our ensemble have won many prizes and awards in Slovenia and abroad. We are particularly honoured by the fact that two of our retired members, Anica Kumer and Janez Bermež, are recipients of the most prestigious Slovenian life achievement awards in acting, the Borštnik Ring. However, our artistic achievements would not have been possible without other staff members and their commitment to excellence.

Every year, SLG Celje presents a season of five new productions and an original proejct for adult audiences, and one production for the young and children. Annually, 50,000 people visit our theatre to enjoy almost 170 performances by Slovenian and foreign companies, as well as attend 80 guest performances given by our company on tour in Slovenia and abroad. SLG Celje is the only theatre in the wider Celje region nurturing all theatrical genres by Slovenian and foreign authors. It produces both classical plays as well as fosters new writing, which is why our repertoire is always diverse and challenging.

The year 2015 was a very special year for SLG Celje as it celebrated the 65th anniversary of its foundation. In 2016 SLG Celje celebrated 25th anniversary of annual comedy festival Dnevi komedije. Over the last six decades SLG Celje has grown and evolved to become one of the leading and most distinguished theatres in Slovenia receiving accolades at home and abroad from audiences and critics alike.

We remain firmly committed to our mission and artistic policy to engage actively with our audiences, meet and exceed their expectations, and create contemporary theatre of highest quality and artistic excellence.